Saturday, September 5, 2009

Photography and perception

What i think is that photography and perception are interrelated to each other because perception in my point of view is that, every person has a perception house in its mind now that house contains 5 or some times 6 windows which are called senses, now one window is of VISION, from this window i see a glass of half filled water now i percieve it as THIS GLASS IS HALF FILLED WITH WATER but my friend looked at it from his vision window and say NO, ITS HALF EMPTY, similarly i heard a music from my HEARING window and say ITS QUIET PLEASANT but my friend from his window say NO, ITS NOT PLEASANT, similarly from my TOUCH window i touched a thing and say ITS HARD but my friend from his window say NO, ITS SOFT. Same is the case with Photography, in the below picture there is a tree behind curtain.

Now, i took this photograph from my photography eye, but there can be many eyes which can see curtain only, or they cant get the tree. There can be many eyes which can like this photograph and for many its nothing. So; photography also varies from eye to eye.

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